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MOTN : Morm out of the Norm

Clip Art For Your Ward Bulletin

Morm out of the Norm LJCOMIC
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double u double u double u dot misfit mormon dot com

updated 03/24/2005

because posting on Sunday was starting to kill my Sabbath day chillings, I have decided to update during the week at random times. If I fail to deliver you a comic strip by the end of the week. (Saturday) Then by all means post a comment and remind me.. but I should deliver. :)
in addition i hope you enjoy the new mediums and style.

as always suggestions, comments and general replies are welcomed and encouraged on any of the motn comic strips.


MOTN : Morm Out Of The Norm : Webcomic Community.

This a webcomic community. This means you are only allowed to reply to post, and not post new post.

If you choose to post please respect me and all other posting members.

If you wish to critique, make it constructive posting both the positive and negative aspects of the topic.

To Start At The Beginning Of Morm Out Of The Norm CLICK HERE.

To View The Morm Out Of The Norm Archive Calander CLICK HERE.

MOTN : Morm Out Of The Norm : About.

All the emo kids were making them, some of the videogame fanatics were showing them and even some of the punker kids were drawing them.


So with a whim of vague idea thecause created Morm Out Of The Norm and based it on the subculture of misfitmormon so they too could laugh with the rest of the subcultures.

MOTN : Morm Out Of The Norm : History.

First Wave

Originally Misfit Mormon began in November 2003. It continued sparatically and eventually fizzled to a dry brittle bone by January 2004.

The first MOTN consisted of a very inconsistent base, no main characters and was based more on individual jokes. It relied on used images, inverted and made in a very different manner than most web comics. Without a real base the concept went from grand ideas to no ideas. A dead end.

Second Wave

"Clip art for your ward bulletin". This the basic concept behind the second wave of the Misfit Mormon comic strip. Now it includes a main character, Norm, who the strip is based off.

Third Wave

Hand drawn and scanned in, this wave purposes to take MOTN where MOTN has never gone before and beyond.. and more inspirational stuff.

MOTN : Morm Out Of The Norm : Character Profiles.

MOTN : Morm Out Of The Norm : FAQ.

Q1- If it is Morm Out of the Norm then why do you call the community MOTN? Wouldn't that be Morm out the Norm?

A1- Because the title MOOTN would make the comic appear as the call of a cow. An "o" is taken out to compensate. All letters will then all have equal representation, none being listed more than another.

Q1- Are Morm Out of the Norm and Misfit Mormon anti-mormon?

A1- No. "By their fruits ye shall know them". Get to know us. Then you can judge us. We are merely people trying to help people regain their faith. Look to the definition of misfit mormon :
and then the words:

MOTN : Guest Comic Strip.

If you would like to do guest comic strips for Morm out of the Norm then send them in .gif format, with the pen name you desire and your livejournal name (if applicable) to:
Enteries remain property of Morm of the Norm and as such may be rejected on the Morm out of the Norm's creator's decision. Enteries that include slander, false implications, exsessive sex and/or violence will not be published.

MOTN : Morm Out Of The Norm : Acknowledgements.

My Heavenly Father for loving me, papilia for also loving me and helping me, diarydad for helping the misfitmormon community grow, all members of the misfitmormon community, and punkrock and ska, my true friends for original ideas when I am strumming out a strip.